Pulsing for Professionals

Professionals who are training in Pulsing often come to me for extra-curricular sessions for various reasons. Some wish to receive sessions from an experienced professional to deepen the bodily-felt teaching of the different flows, rhythms and styles of Pulsing. Some feel in need of a bit of extra help or guidance with the core movements. Others have simply fallen in love with Pulsing and want more!

Whatever support you need in your current training, or if you have previously trained in Pulsing but feel rusty, I am happy to help.

Pulsing CPD sessions

Pulsing sessions are also open to massage therapists and other complementary therapists. These sessions will count towards CPD credits, but please note that these sessions do not constitute formal training in Pulsing.

CPD sessions and cost

I understand how costly professional training is. I therefore offer reduced prices on CPD sessions for therapists in practice or in training:

A single session costs 50 (60 minutes hands-on + 30 minutes feedback and discussion).

A series of 6 sessions is 260 (saving 40) and on completion you will receive a CPD certificate.

A half-day intensive review (4 hours) is 120. CPD certificate provided.